Wakfu : Steel Beak Pack

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Deliveries occur between 10AM - 1AM CST Mon-Fri.
And Sporadically throughout the weekend.
Always with 48 Hours via Email.

Be ready to face the World of Twelve with exclusive and powerful items!

*Be careful, this DLC pack can be activated only once per player account in WAKFU.

The Steel Beak Pack includes:

- 30 days of Booster benefits
+30% XP points in combat and quests
+10% chance to drop items at the end of combats
+30% Kamas at the end of the combat
Exclusive early access to latest areas and content
Secondary characters get an XP bonus according to main character level
Fill your health with one click
Vote for governor’s elections
This Booster pack will only be available for the characters on the server you’ll choose after redeeming the pack code.

- Dragosteed (Mountpet + Skin)
A Drago-Steed specialized in combat that you can ride if the character has the “Petsmount Permit” (quest item)
- Corbak Pet
This powerful gold pet gives you +60 HP, +30% Single-Target Damage and +2% to Critical Hits at level 50.

- Hoodfella Hood (Costume)
Wearing a hood now, are you? Either you've got something to hide... or you really are streets ahead when it comes to fashion.

- Feather Aura (Emote)
Have you never dreamed of being a crow?

- Vital Energy Cocktail (x6)
Gives you back all your Vitality at the end of the next 5 fights.

- Pet XP Boost (x2)
Gives 2 more levels to your pet

- 3 STEAM Exclusive cosmetic items
Steam Haven-Bag Kit (external appearance of your housing bag)
Steam Trophy (decoration for your Haven-Bag)
Steam-Powered Adventurer Title

- Foggernaut Bedroom Set
10 decoration items based on the Foggernaut class.