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Be ready to face the World of Twelve with exclusive and powerful items!

*Be careful, this DLC pack can be activated only once per player account in WAKFU.

The Magmog Pack includes:

90 days of Booster Packs:
- +30% XP at the end of fights and quests
- +10% chance of getting more items at the end of fights
- +30% of Kamas at the end of each fight
- Be the first to access new content
- Your secondary characters gain experience faster
- Fill your life gauge with one click
- Vote during the elections for governor of your country
This Booster Pack shall only be valid for characters on the server you chose at the time of activating the code.

Phoenix Pet
- This powerful gold pet gives you +60 HP and +30% Damage at level 50.

Long-Range Gobball War Chief
- A Gobball War Chief trained to fight from a distance.

Gobbalrog Harness
- This very specific harness can be equipped on a Gobball War Chief in order to make it look like a Gobbalrog.

Scroll of Absolution
- Redistributes your stats and specialties points, as well as your spells experience. Very useful if you want to adapt your strategy.

x10 Vital Energy Cocktail
- Gives you back all your Vitality at the end of the next 5 fights.

x6 Pet XP Boost
- Gives 2 more levels to your pet

White Sadida Bag
- 20 slots inventory bag

Emote: Brandish Your Big Sword
- You’ll have the chance to show your huge weapon to those around you!

Title: Sire of Renown
- This title is reserved for deserving noblemen and -women. It is with great pleasure and pride that the court presents... Huh? Oh... You've disappeared again.

Foggernaut Bedroom Set
- 10 decoration items based on the Foggernaut class.

Garnet Dynast Costume
- This magnificent costume will make you look classy... for once.

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