Wakfu : Justice Pack

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Is it a Tofu? Is it a Dragon? No! It's the Justice Knight! When order and truth are threatened, this masked hero emerges from the night and gallops towards the adventure!

Protector of the World of Twelve from the Sushus threat, the Justice Knight assumes the role of guardian of one of the most terrifying Sushus: Anathar, the head of the Rushu armies. A powerful knight in golden armor, the Justice Knight has acquired the best equipment to track and capture the Shushus and their guardians.

*Be careful, this DLC pack can be activated only once per player account in WAKFU.

The Justice Pack includes:

- 30 days of Booster Packs:
+30% XP at the end of fights and quests
+10% chance of getting more items at the end of fights
+30% of Kamas at the end of each fight
Be the first to access new content
Your secondary characters gain experience faster
Fill your life gauge with one click
Vote during the elections for governor of your country

This Booster Pack shall only be valid for characters on the server you chose at the time of activating the code.

- Golden Scarafly Pet
This golden pet takes you to Level 50: +60 HP, +12 INI, +30% Fire and Air damage.

- Justice League Costume
The hero costume of your dreams!

- Golden Ikiakitit
Increases your Haven Bag storage chest by 28 additional slots.

- “Brandish Your Big Sword” Emote
You can proudly show your weapon to all those around you.

- Wisdom Potion X10
This potion increases your Wisdom (XP gain) by 150 for several fights.

- Prospecting Potion X10
This potion increases your Prospecting by 150 for several fights.

- "Justice has arrived” Title
With this title, everyone will know that you are the boss…

- Planturret
A small self-defense plant to decorate your Haven Bag.

- Justice Choo-Choo
A mini racing car to decorate your Haven Bag.