Wakfu: Anathar Pack

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Deliveries occur between 10AM - 1AM CST Mon-Fri.
And Sporadically throughout the weekend.
Always with 48 Hours via Email.

*Be careful, this DLC pack can be activated only once per player account in WAKFU and only for the following game servers : Remington, Nox, Dathura, Amara, Elbor, Efrim, Phaeris

- 90 days of Booster Packs: 
+30% XP at the end of fights and quests 
+10% chance of getting more items at the end of fights 
+30% of Kamas at the end of each fight 
Be the first to access new content 
Your secondary characters gain experience faster 
Fill your life gauge with one click 
Vote during the elections for governor of your country 
This Booster Pack shall only be valid for characters on the server you chose at the time of activating the code. 
- 2 powerful sidekicks : The Flame and Cloud Knights 
* Radiating extreme heat from the Fire element, this first Tormenting Knight is burning of impatience to join you! He is counting on you to whip his fighting skills into shape by giving him a second element of your choice, leaving you in control of the tactical side and to him the heat of the moment! 
* The Cloud Knight is like a breath of fresh air in your combats! Don't be fooled by his calm exterior: Anyone who mistakes him for being light and fluffy will soon feel the wrath of his stormy temperament... 
- The Phoenix Pet 
This powerful gold pet gives you +60 HP and +30% Damage at level 50. 
- The Gobball War Chief and its Harness 
- The Vampyre Costume 
- The King Kong Super Emote 
Climb on your totem and show your apehood 
- Change Class potion LVL 1 to 200 
- The Shushu Bedroom set 
- a Super Growth Kibble 
- The White Sadida Bag 
- Steam Exclusive decoration 
Before the Eliacube, there was...