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The Secret World: Issue 10 - Nightmares in the Dream Palace - Collector's Edition

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  • Issue #10: Nightmares in the Dream Palace - Explore new areas of Tokyo and play a revealing new chapter of the story.
  • Dreams of a Geisha - This all new outfit is exclusive to the Collector's Edition.
  • Orochi AEGIS Disruptor - An Epic Curiosity which does AEGIS damage to enemy shields.
  • Japanese formal bow - A unique bow emote.

Explore all new areas of Tokyo, battle powerful new monsters, meet a fresh cast of characters and get your hands on the brand new AEGIS shields.

Delve into an all new chapter in The Secret World's unique story. Battle a virulent new strain of Filth spreading from the Docks, search for clues in the haunted streets of the Orochi Tenements and visit Tokyo's the seedy Love Hotel to reveal deep and dark secrets from a nightmare filled mind.