TERA : Starter Pack

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Deliveries occur between 10AM - 1AM CST Mon-Fri.
And Sporadically throughout the weekend.
Always with 24 Hours via Email.

  • Additional Character Slot–Lets you create another character on the same server, so you can experience TERA in a variety of ways! (You can have a maximum of 13 character slots in total.)

  • Bank Expansion–Adds 72 additional slots to your bank storage, to share between all of your characters on that server. You can have up to four tabs per server, with 72 slots per tab.

  • 100% XP Boost (7 days)–A boost that helps you level up faster, essentially doubling your experience rewards for the monsters you kill. Better yet, this XP boost lasts for seven days! The item's usage time decreases even when you're offline.