Smite: 2017 Spring Split Season Ticket + Bonus FP

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Deliveries occur between 10AM - 1AM CST Mon-Fri.
And Sporadically throughout the weekend.
Always with 48 Hours via Email.

Requires Steam Installation of Smite for Activation!

The SMITE Season Ticket 2017 is your ticket to SMITE esports – and tons of Exclusive skins. Vote for your favorite teams and play SMITE to earn Fantasy Points, then just watch the skins, avatars, emotes, effects, announcer packs, and chests come rolling in!

LIMITED SKIN - Modern Mercenary Nemesis
Unlock SMITE esports voting, Earn 30 FP for correct votes!
15 Team Worshiper Boosters (Grant your whole team bonus worshipers!)
Bonus Quests for additional FP
Earn 20 FP for every match you win
Earn 10 FP for every match you lose
Unlock rewards, such as Skins and Chests

Unlocks 2500 FP instantly! (A $24.99 value!)
2500 Fantasy Point Unlocks:
2017 Season Ticket Loading Frame
Celtic Recall
Enigma Chest Roll
Cutesy Avatar Chest Roll

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