DC Universe Online - Episode 26 : Wayne Manor Gala / Kandor Central Tower

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You’re invited to the Wayne Manor Gala (2-player Duo) for your first ever visit inside Bruce Wayne’s home. Open up the bubbly and get ready to mingle with some of Gotham’s finest. Rumor has it something sinister is going to go down. Blend in, dance, but stay alert. Over in Kandor Central Tower (8-player Raid), General Zod has restored Kandor to its normal size using stolen technology from the Fortress of Solitude. There’s no doubt that Zod intends to raise an army of Kryptonians and attempt to rule the planet. Will you help or hinder his plans?

NOTE: This Episode will be provided on a Dummy Steam Account. But once redeemed, you can continue to play as you wish.