DC Universe Online - Episode 21 : The First Piece / Prison Break

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DC’s Legends of Tomorrow-inspired content has come to DC Universe Online! A mysterious tip suggests a valuable Kahndaqi artifact may be the target of a heist in “The First Piece” (2-Player Duo). You must protect it at all costs! Then work with the newest member of your team, The Atom, in “Prison Break” (8-Player Operation). Help break out the latest Team of Legends recruit from Metropolis’s largest prison, Stryker’s Island.

  • New 8-Player Operation – In “Prison Break” you must help The Atom to break out a recently incarcerated individual from Stryker’s Island! There’s just one catch, he’s being held in maximum security inside the Penitentiary. Hatch a plan with the Atom and break him out from the inside.
  • New 2-Player Duo – A mysterious figure in “The First Piece” has asked you to investigate a heist taking place in one of Gotham University’s Museum Warehouses. The target appears to be a valuable, and potentially powerful Kahndaqi artifact. Partner with Hawkgirl or Heat Wave to retrieve the artifact and discover who’s behind the heist!
  • DC’s Legends of Tomorrow-Inspired Content – Contains content and characters from DC’s Legends of Tomorrow!
  • New Rewards - Earn skill points and unlock new gear (including Elite!), styles, feats, a title and collections.

To play this content, your character must be level 30 and have a minimum Combat Rating of 142.