DC Universe Online - Episode 20 : Blackest Night / Wasteland Wonderland

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Nekron has arrived in the finale to the War of the Light saga, “Blackest Night” (8-Player Operation)! He has joined his herald, Black Hand, in extinguishing all light – all life – in the universe. Then head over to “Wastelands Wonderland” (2-Player Duo) where imps and demons run amuck in the fiery Gotham Wastelands. Help Raven defeat her brothers, Jack and Jacob.

  • New 8-Player Operation – In “Blackest Night” a massive Black Lantern has erupted from the blood-soaked streets of war-torn Metropolis and Nekron has risen from this deathly soil. You must fight alongside Carol Ferris and the Lantern Corps and send Nekron back to the Land of the Unliving.
  • New 2-Player Duo – “Wastelands Wonderland” sends you to Gotham’s fiery wasteland, with Jacob and Jack seductively and slowly planning their next moves. Help Raven put her annoying brothers back in their place!
  • Epic Finish – Blackest Night wraps up the War of the Light saga, one of DCUO’s most powerful storylines!
  • New Rewards - Earn skill points and unlock new gear, styles, feats, a title and collections, including the all-new Death’s Vest from Nekron.