DC Universe Online - Episode 19 : Deep Desires / The Demon's Plan

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  • New 4-Player Alert- In “The Demon’s Plan”, Ra’s al Ghul has captured Green Arrow and Captain Cold in an attempt to recruit them to his cause. Heroes must join forces with Black Canary to infiltrate Ra’s infamous mountain fortress of Nanda Parbat and rescue Star City’s hero, while Supervillains work with Heat Wave to rescue Central City’s nefarious rogue.

  • New 1-Player Solo – “Deep Desires” is the first part of the epilogue to Trigon and Raven’s story, which concluded in Episode 17’s Unholy Matrimony. At Raven’s request, players must face off alone against Trigon’s demonic sons, Julius and Jesse - masters of the deadly sins of gluttony and envy, respectively - as they battle for power in Trigon’s absence.

  • New Environment - Nanda Parbat, Ra's al Ghul's infamous mountain fortress, is an all-new environment created for this epic finale.

  • New Rewards - Earn skill points and unlock new gear, styles, base items, and collections, including all-new Gloves of Omnipotence inspired by Green Arrow.