DC Universe Online - Episode 18: Blackest Day / The Demon's Pit

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  • New 8-Player Operation - In “Blackest Day,” the War of the Light is nearing its end. Black Hand has revealed himself and his sinister plot to use the sentient planet Ranx to spread the corruption of the Black Lanterns. He must be stopped at all costs.
  • New 2-Player Duo- In “The Demon’s Pit,” mount a rescue mission for members of the Justice League and the Society missing in the League of Assassins stronghold, and get to the bottom of the League’s plans once and for all.
  • New Rewards- Earn skill points and unlock new gear, styles, base items, and collections, including all-new styles inspired by Livewire and Black Hand.
  • R&D Gear System- Utilize the new R&D Gear System to deconstruct unwanted gear into its component parts, and then use those parts to build powerful gear yourself.