DC Universe Online - Episode 17: The Flash Museum Burglary / Unholy Matrimony

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• New 8-Player Operation- In “Unholy Matrimony”, players will have the opportunity to fight Trigoin himself! Battle alongside Raven as she confronts her father, Trigon, who has escaped from an otherworldly prison. Players must locate and defeat Trigon to stop him from gaining power to destroy our world.
• New 2-Player Duo- In “The Flash Museum Burglary”, The League of Assassins have broken into the Flash Museum in Central City in an attempt to steal an artifact from an alternate reality. Players must navigate through the museum to keep the artifact out of the League of Assassins’ hands.
• All-New Zone- In “The Flash Museum Burglary” players will have a chance to explore The Flash Museum – an all-new zone – that houses memorabilia and various exhibits to honor those who have held the name Flash.
• New Rewards - Earn skill points and unlock new gear, styles, base items, and collections. In the Elite version, players will have the chance to complete their Elite gear sets and unlock powerful new Affinity Bonuses!