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About us

Zero-PAiN here!

If you're wondering who I am, well I'm a fellow gamer just like you! Catch me on Steam anytime you like here. I also stream on Twitch often. Feel free to drop by or say hello!


Why do you sell these packs so cheap?

I do a lot of trading of items on Steam which ends up giving me a surplus of funds to liquidate on my steam accounts. Offering this service allows me to do so in an easy fashion.

Where do they come from?

All of these come from the Steam Platform. I don't have any third party providers or anyone else in between me and the purchase of the pack. So there's no worries of the validity of a purchase you make.

How long have you been at this, you cheap punk you?

I've been at this roughly since late in December of 2014. I started out mostly doing Rift Packs, but I've since branched out to other titles like STO, LotR:O, DCUO, Marvel Heroes, Devilian, etc... If it's on Steam, I'll most likely offer it!

How long have you had this site going?

Launch date kind of around 2/12/16, but I haven't actively advertised it like crazy.