Steam's New Funds Policy is delaying orders a bit. Please allow up to 2-3 days for deliveries until we find a work around.

48 Hour Delivery Guarantee

You know how those pizza places always say that if they don't deliver your pizza within a certain amount of time that it's free? They're always so picky about it though, oh traffic was bad, it's a holiday so you should've known it'll take a while, you live really far away so that rule doesn't apply... yada yada

I'm not gonna be that punk kid at your door saying, "Nah dude, ya gotta pay for the pie. And where's my tip while you're at it, eh."

I'm willing to bet you that I'll always 100% deliver your purchase under 48 hours*. If I don't deliver it within 48 hours, then you'll be receiving half of your money back. No questions asked.

Now of course, if you don't find it, that's not on me. I know email can sometimes be a hectic thing, and if you're anything like my mom, it can be hard sifting through your 2500+ emails asking you to find your local squeeze. But message me, I'm always up front with you.

*You saw that little asterisk right? Just a joke :D I mean it when I say under 48 hours.