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The Secret World: Issue 12 - To The Dark Tower Below - Collector's Edition

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  • Issue #12: To The Dark Tower Below - Explore a brand new dungeon in the depths of the Orochi Tower.
  • Orochi Scorpius Pet - An exclusive new social pet
  • Orochi Personal Devastator - An Epic Gadget which grants a power damage bonus.
  • Kitties of Ulthar t-shirt.

In Issue #12: To the Dark Tower Below you get to take on the all new Manufactory Dungeon in Tokyo. Daimon Kiyota has grand plans to cripple the Orochi Corporation even further.

Beneath their massive tower lies the powerful Manufactory, mass producing drones, mechs and cyborgs. Fight your way through its immense defenses to lay waste to this war machine, but also to discover the secrets which lie within.