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TERA : Steam-Powered Pack

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  • Steam-Powered Weapon Skin–Redesigns your character’s weapon with a look straight out of the retro-future. It even vents little puffs of steam! (This weapon skin is not available for the brawler, reaper, and gunner classes.)

  • Dyeable Steampunk Costume–A steampunk costume that automatically matches your character’s race and gender...and you can dye this one whatever color you like.

  • Apothecary Dye–Lets you dye your Rare Steampunk Costume—or any other dyeable armor—in the color of your choice.

  • Jeweled Lion–Do you like a mount with a little bling? One that not only goes fast, but also makes a statement? Grab our jeweled lion mount, and ride away in style. This a permanent account-bound mount. It does not expire and can be used by any character on your account.

  • Gas Mask–This mask may not actually protect you from toxic fumes...but it will make you look pretty darned mysterious!

  • Wind-Up Key–When you need to keep everything running like clockwork.

  • Elite Status Voucher—Get 30 days of elite status! Free travel journal; village atlas; daily gold, XP, and rep boosts; exclusive mounts; store discounts; and more—for a whole month!