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Hawken - All the Thrusters Pack

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what's Included in the All the Thrusters Pack

  • You Get *all* of the currently-available thrusters (15 right now)
  • You Get *all* of them for all of your mechs (because these things are global)
  • You Get the glory. All of it.
  • You Get to feel good because you scored them for about half of what they'd usually cost

That's right, when you buy a thruster, you get it forever and for all of your mechs, whether you have them already or if they're still but a twinkle in your eye. And here, you've got them all.

Now, there are a few thrusters that are seasonal-only; those ones are not included. And there's a weird one we've never released. That one's not included either. Come by and yell at Capnjosh if you find that exceptionally annoying.