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New Upcoming Baby Sister Alice!

New Upcoming Baby Sister Alice!

I just to take the time to firstly thank all of you for your patience with me over this past Black-Friday weekend! That was quite the insane amount of business and I know several of you were extremely patient with me. Thank you so much.

Now for the GOOD news (for me :D )

For those who've frequented us, you may remember the small hiatus on orders I had when I had our first baby, Sarah. We're expecting another baby girl that we'll be having come into the world this coming Sunday! So far everything looks great, but we are inducing. Sarah last year was almost too big, but she was also a week late. So in order to avoid any difficulties, especially since Alice is looking a little bigger, we're inducing ~5 days early.

Anyhoo, because of all of this, there is going to be delays. I'm still going to be trying my best to make deliveries every night, but Sunday will be a little busy as we're going in at midnight (early morning Sunday 12/02/18) and we're not sure how long we're gonna be there. I will be taking my Laptop with me to do orders when I can, however.

Anyhoo! Thanks for taking the time to read this! To celebrate with us, type in my daughter's name for a little 5% discount!

It'll work for the first 50 people's orders, single item only.


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