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New Job for Me, New Member for You!

New Job for Me, New Member for You!

  From a little start-up that only posted in Forums, to a little website, to partnering out to streamers, CheapPunk has come quite a long way since 2014! I want to thank all of you who've spread the word about our services here and hope I can continue to provide a means for frugal gamers out there to enjoy themselves.

  For the longest time, it has just been me doing all of this alone. However, I've had the wonderful opportunity to get a job in the career I've been aiming for: IT Network Administration! Anyhoo, due to this it's been rough doing deliveries especially with Steam's frustrating policies that keep shifting. So from here on out I've asked a good buddy of mine to help take control of all deliveries from here on out. Big thanks to him, not sure if he wishes to be named or not. Nothing will change as far as the end result is concerned to you wonderful supporters, except of course faster deliveries within that 48 Hour window guarantee. 

In celebration of here's a little token of thanks to you guys:
Coupon Code: "NEWBRO" for 5% off your entire order for the next 30 purchases.

Thanks again everyone,

-Arthur S.


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