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Logo Contest Winner(s)!

Logo Contest Winner(s)!

Hey guys!

I want to say first of all thanks for all of your support and patience with me as we've had a lovely baby girl born this past July 28th! She's been quite the cutie, and goodness is it a life-changer having a child!


Anyhoo, off to the good stuff now:


So there were many entries, some better than others. But some people really did put in some good effort and I don't want to leave them empty handed. Here is some art from a few of the runner-ups in no particular order:



This one was respectible. Very clean, simple with a slight Gothic feel.


This one was well done, but took a different and literal approach to the title. Well done, but wasn't the direction I wanted to go. Still props to the artist!


This one was very clean, and definitely made an honest approach at simplicity. Really liked it.


But as all contests it comes down to the victors, and I really don't know which one I like at the moment of these last two. They were very very well done and I really just have to sit back and decide which one I go for. And honestly I might end up using both, or a mixture thereof. I can't really decide. So we'll just have to name the both of them Winners! The both of them will have the option to choose between the $100 Gift Card from here or $50 of their choice of anywhere else. They will be contacted. PS: I just really dig the Popsicle faces!



And as far as the 3 honorable mentions, they will also receive (not previously menitioned) a little $20 gift of their choice. I was really happy with the activity of the community, and I hope to give back as much as I can.

Maybe we'll have something else in the future, but a little more fun ;)


Thank you all! CheapPunk Out!


-Arthur S.


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  • Anibal

    Congrats to the winners! You did a very good job.

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