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Logo Creation Contest!

Logo Creation Contest!

Hey punks!

So I'm wanting to create a new logo for my brand here at CheapPunk, and I'm always very indecisive. I'll start making one thing, but then end up not liking it or just plain scrapping the entire thing and get discouraged. I'm not even artistically inclined!

So here's where I'm pleading with you guys.

I'm willing to give away a $100 Gift Card for anything here on my store or a $50 gift card to any place of your liking (as long as I can purchase it) in exchange for some dank art that I can claim for myself, and even modify if I deem necessary.

Now if you win, it may or may not necessarily mean I'll be using your exact submission as my new logo. Of course, if it's dank enough, goodness I'll just use it and totally have to thank you personally somehow.

Now I am picky, but I will not say "Ehh none of your submissions were good enough, screw you guys" - Someone will win. And I also won't submit my own art just in case I find your guys' entries sub-par.

Anyhoo, to the nitty gritty!


Submission Requirements

  • PNG image
  • Original PSD file (or gimp's XCF file) so that I may utilize/modify it to my liking if needs be. (Bonus points if organized w/layers & folders!)
  • Simple design
  • Size: Big enough to be used in various ways. 800x800 should be around the minimum resolution. But don't feel like you must make it square. Be creative!
  • This is the font I'm using - Use others at your own risk!
  • Submit Entries to:

Runs From: 5/26/16 to 7/23/16 

Good luck!



  • lukycool123

    I Love this site and i buyed alot of think in the past ;=)

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